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Mother of all Rallies

The Mother of all Rallies is a yearly pro American event aimed at promoting & celebrating the American spirit. Every year we will rally in D.C. to send a message to the swamp that our constitutional rights are NOT negotiable & demand that they put WE the American people first. Corruption, foreign influence, illegal immigration, socialism, communism, political violence, FAKE NEWS Propaganda, Radicalized activist groups, internet censorship & the erosion on our history, traditions & values will no longer be tolerated *We do not consent* 
Each year we will have specific CALL TO ACTION topics that need to be addressed, a diverse line up of speakers & performers as well as pro American groups & organizations from around the country. This is our opportunity to have all of our voices heard. Will you answer the call & join us in D.C

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Our next event is September 28th 2019 @ The national mall Washington D.C. 

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